Code Compliance


The Code Compliance Division protects property values and improves the health, safety, and welfare of citizens by obtaining compliance with: 

  • Building
  • Environmental
  • Land Development
  • Nuisance
  • Zoning
Code Truck

These are all maintained along with other codes and ordinances through effective, expeditious, and equitable enforcement of the codes

The division places an emphasis on achieving voluntary code compliance through education, communication, and cooperation.

Report a Code Violation

To report a code violation, please contact the Code Compliance Division.

Additional Information

View the Code Enforcement Presentation (PDF) for additional helpful information.

Lawn Care and COVID-19

Although the City has issued a "Shelter-in-Place" mandate and non-essential travel is restricted, this order does not place the city on lock-down.

You may still go outside. In fact, you are encouraged to do so. Please, mow your lawns, clean your flower beds, make sure any containers that can hold water are emptied.

It is important to maintain your property. There are already many mosquitos showing up in areas of town. We are coming into that time of year when we are facing mosquito illnesses, fleas, ticks, possibility of rodents and snakes in tall grass.

Just be mindful of your six-foot distancing and be safe.

If you have any questions please call: 940-324-5020.

Zika Virus

Learn more about the Zika Virus through the Denton County Health Services website.

Beware of Mosquitos